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Core research areas

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Drawing on its excellent research capabilities, the CERC research centre develops practical solutions for socially relevant problems that mountain regions face as a result of climate change, extreme events and natural hazards. As a research, knowledge and implementation hub, the CERC combines top international research with regional knowledge to ensure that mountain regions remain safe and valuable habitats in the future.

Harnessing a comprehensive understanding of the relevant processes, combined with projections regarding future development, the CERC supports the rapid transfer of knowledge between experts and practitioners in Switzerland and other mountainous countries. The research centre also has close links to WSL's research programme CCAMM (Climate Change Impacts on Alpine Mass Movements).

The six core research areas will be as follows:

  • Weather and Climate Extremes in Alpine Regions
  • Permafrost
  • Alpine Remote Sensing
  • Alpine Mass Movements
  • Mountain Ecosystems
  • Risk and Resilience