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According to the CH2018 climate scenarios for Switzerland, we expect more hot days, dry summers, heavy precipitation and winters with little snow in Switzerland in the coming decades. As mountain regions are particularly affected by this, they should be as well prepared as possible for the future climate.

CERC is therefore strengthening the expertise of the SLF in the following areas:


Main research topics

Weather and climate extremes in mountain regions

We study the effects of climate change on water resources and extreme events in mountain areas.



We study and document changes in permafrost in order to identify future developments at an early stage and thus prevent risks and hazards.


Remote sensing, early detection and early warning

Remote sensing methods like radar, photogrammetry or laser scanning are becoming increasingly important in natural-hazard research.


Alpine mass movements

We research on the formation, movement and deposition processes of avalanches, landslides, debris flows and rockfall and simulate them with physical...

Mountain ecosystems and protection forests

We study the transformation of mountain ecosystems as a result of climate change, land use change and natural disturbances.


Risk management, risk communication and resilience

We develop risk-based and practical methods that help dealing with the risks of natural hazards.