Mountain Ecosystems and protection forests

Mountain ecosystems are exposed to major changes due to climate change, land use changes and natural disturbances and will be even more exposed to various extreme events in the future. This influences the protective function of forests against natural hazards, but also various other environmental services such as recreational function, habitats of animal and plant species, climate feedbacks or the sustainable use of regional products. With its research, the center contributes to a better understanding of such changes in mountain ecosystems and to assessing their future impacts. Based on this, options for measures can be developed with regard to the prevention of natural hazards and the sustainable safeguarding and optimization of the availability of environmental services in mountain areas.

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Mountain Ecosystems

Peter Bebi


Theresa Banzer

Assistant scientifique

Julien Leon Bota

PhD student

Alessandra Bottero

Scientific staff member

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Visiting scientist

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Esther Frei

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Concetta Lisella

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Christian Rixen

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PhD student